François Cazzanelli

My name is François Cazzanelli. I was born in Aosta on January 31, 1990. Growth in Cervinia, Valtounenche, where I live until now, just on the foot of the mountain we call “Gran Becca” better known as… Matterhorn!

The love for the mountains is spontaneous and natural. The name of Cazzanelli from my father family and Maquignaz from my mother’s name are united from more than a century to the job of Mountain Guide and mountaineering, so for me was natural to address my life in this direction.

A path that led me first to the competitions of ski mountaineering where I achieved great results on Youth category, and from 2009 to 2011 I was part of the Italian ski mountaineering national Team. Currently I continue to compete on the more prestigious and international competitions, but my real passion is for mountaineering, that I practice all year and on 360° degrees all around the World. My dream come true in 2011 when, after the course for Aspiring Alpine Guide, I joined the Military High Mountain Sports Center in Courmayeur. In 2012 I finished the course by Aspirant Mountain Guide and I became a member of the historic and well-known of the Cervino’s Alpine Guide Club.


Arrampicata sportiva

Raggiunto il grado di 8a+ lavorato e 7b+ a vista.

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6 su ghiaccio M7 a vista M8 lavorato.

Attività extra europea

Settembre ottobre 2012 spedizione all Churen Himal Nepal

Settembre ottobre 2013 American Climbing tour

Aprile e maggio 2014 Kangchenjunga Aosta Valley Expedition

6 novembre al 19 dicembre 2014 Patagonia 360°