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GEA is the essence of female ski touring. The Intuition liner is designed and built on a specific woman last and is thermoformable to offer you the best custom fit. GEA guarantees the maximum comfort and performance, and along with the renewed graphics it fulfills the needs of all women ski-tourers.

 Axial Alpine 

  • range of motion forward lean
  • Color: Lake Blue/Limelight
  • Shell/Cuff: Pebax® Rnew
  • Tongue: Pebax®
  • Buckles: 4 + “Active Power Strap”
  • Sole: Cayman Scarpa/Vibram®
  • Weight: 1360 Gr. (25)
  • Size: 22,5 - 27
  • Binding: Alpine Touring TLT
  • Inner boot: Pro Flex G

Mirage Pro ski-walk system
Mirage Pro ski-walk system

The new ski/walk mechanism allows the cuff to be locked/released providing stiffness for downhill control and walking comfort, two locked positions available.

Zeus buckles
Zeus lite buckles

The new, lighter version, of the Zeus buckle. Combines an attractive design with an easy use on all conditions. Improves the distribution of the closing pressure on the tibia, increasing downhill performance.

Evo V-Frame
Evo V-Frame

The particular design "EVO V-FRAME" of the cuff stiffens the rear part, by increasing the transmission of force in the movement of forward flexion of the leg.

Wiregate Tour-Lock
Wiregate Tour-lock

The Wiregate Tour-Lock rack, on the top of the cuff, is designed to keep the buckle comfortably open – but already in the correct position – while uphill, facilitating the lever locking before the downhill.

Air ventilation
Air ventilation

The design of the cuff, where a series of holes are covered with a membrane to increase breathability, keeping the foot dry and ventilated at all times.

Heel Retention System
Heel retention system

Thanks to our HRS and instep straps, heel security has become a SCARPA® trademark. Our instep strap configuration offers incredible fit for both touring comfort and downhill performance.

Monoinjected tongue
Bi-injected tongue

The BI-injected tongue offers good rigidity on the tibia area, and the soft bellows facilitate the touring.

Scarpa® Finger Strap
Scarpa® Finger Strap

Is made of PU stitched at the end of the power strap. Its design allows for easy opening and closing of the power strap even when wearing gloves.

Fitting indicator system
Fitting indicator system

It's an indicator that allows you to fit the boot to the binding in a precise and fast action which is particularly effective in deep snow or in low-light situations.

Axial Alpine
Axial Alpine Technology

Axial Alpine Technology sets a new standard in Alpine ski boots, designed to offer the maximum lightness and comfort possible, combined with the "T -Wing Tongue" system to guarantee maximum performance.

Suola Cayman
Scarpa Cayman Sole

Profile - Rubber profile reduce heap of snow.
Toe - Smooth rubber toe for a perfect fit to the bindings.
Heel - Rubber heel with prominent profile.


SCARPA® Cayman Sole

SCARPA<sup><small>®</small></sup> Cayman Sole

Pro Flex G

Pro Flex G