Luca Vallata

Siula Grande Perù Sulla nostra variante del Liquore sull Agner Parete Nord dell'Eiger Cerro Torre Sulla Via Attraverso il Pesce

I was born in 1990 and I started climbing at the age of 14 years under the guidance of my friend Riccardo, one year older than me.
In my eyes it was practically a veteran of the rocks!

Together with him and other friends around the same age of my valley we explored the rocks around the house and step by step towards the mythical classical routes of the Belluno’s Dolomites.
Our business was beginning "illegal", unaware of our parents, later, thanks to their help and essential to their understanding we can open our horizons.

Over the years my mountaineering activity has matured and has been extended to allow me to practice all disciplines that depending on the seasons: mountaineering, ice, dry tooling, skiing, rock climbing and cliff. 
And soon I feel the need of travel and explore the Alps, the mountain ranges of Europe and the World.

Despite the various organizational and economic problems, I had the honor and the luck of climb in South America, Patagonia and Peru.
In this sense the help of SCARPA is and has been very helpful to me. When I’m not climbing or searching funds to pay for the next expedition or the future course guides I study for a degree in Mathematics, at the University of Trieste.