Mario Prinoth

I live this sport in all its shapes, from cliff climbing to multipitch, mountaineering, ice-climbing and dry-tooling.

My name is Mario Prinoth, and I am lucky enough to live in the mountains, in val di Fassa where all my passions are satisfied (rock-climbing, alpinism, paraglide, ice climbing, dry-tooling, ski-alpinism).  The job I inherited from my father brings me going up and down from val Duron, near my place, Campitello, to guide excursionists to the foot of the Sassolungo and Catinaccio with my Land-Rover. My second job deals with one of my favourite disciplines, the paraglide, which gives me the chance to stand side by side with whoever wants to experience the inebriation of a two-seat flight.

My story as a climber started when I was about 12 years old, near my house with my brothers; then I stopped for some years when I devoted myself to paraglide, and I started again after my military service. 

I do not like to make long-term projects, I follow my instinct and the instant sensation, this is why when I hear people talking about it or I see a route that grabs my attention, I take up the challenge and I take on it.

Passion has always driven me to do things I have always dreamt of,  it has always supported me in reaching my personal goals in every experience. Thanks to it, I have reached significant itineraries both in cliff and mountain, unique and exclusive; this is how I have managed to mix different styles of routes, such as: the Larcher Vigiani in Marmolada, Solo per vecchi guerrieri, Giallo Drem, the Battisti Weiss in the Spiz de le Roe, Cani morti, Hotel Supramone, in cliff I ascended Lo spreco a Pian Schiavaneis, The Search, Eclisse in Val San Nicolò, Drume Time and Rhe big mother ad Erto...

All these experiences filled every single day with pure satisfaction and emotions, making me feel alive. 

I’m lucky to have a boot for every challenge  I have to face; recently I feel comfortable with the “Instinct VS” because I often climb indoor, even though they are multi-purpose because I have tried them successfully even on the rocks. I am also very satisfied with the project started with S.C.A.R.P.A team, concerning a new boot for dry-tooling, which is very promising. 

For the future, I only wish to keep doing what I mostly like that is living the mountain 360° as I have always done.

  • 1° rp. Larcher-Vigiani - Marmolada 820m  max  8a
  • 1° rp. Solo per vecchi Guerrieri - Alpi Feltrine 120m   8b+
  • 1° rp. on-sight Giallo Drem - Vallaccia 250m  8a
  • 1° rp. on-sight Battisti Weiss - Larsec Catinaccio  450m  8a
  • 2° rp. Cani Morti - I° Campanile dei Lastei 250m 8b+
  • Hotel Supramonte - Sardegna, 450m  8b
  • Silbergeier - Ratikon (Svizzera) 250m 8b+


  • prima libera Lo Spreco  Pian de Schiavaneis 8c+
  • prima libera The Search  Malga Ciapela  8c+
  • prima libera  Eclisse Val San Nicolò   8c+
  • terza ripetizione  Drume Time  Fonzaso 8c+
  • quarta ripetizione The Big Mother  Erto  8c+