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scarpa da approach Zen Pro Zen Pro scarpa per approach tecnico vie ferrate Zen Pro Scarpa da approach e vie ferrate Zen Pro Scarpa da approach e vie ferrate Zen Pro

Zen Pro

Technical approach, via ferrata routes, classical approach alpine routes

Careful materials research and attention to details and colours make Zen Pro a stand-out shoe. The materials are selected to guarantee performance, function, comfort and excellent breathability. Suede water-resistant upper built with Sock-Fit DVL by SCARPA® construction system. 37.5 by Cocona® lining, breathable and fast-drying, for quick evaporation of the sweat and odour control. Lacing up-to-the-toe for a custom fit and great precision. EXO Scale: inner and outer lateral PU protection injected directly onto the upper. Rubber toe rand. Spyder II sole.

  • Upper: SUEDE Water-Resistant 1,8 mm + S-TECH Fabric
  • Lining: 37.5 by COCONA® + STRETCH TEXTILE
  • Insole: P-Flex (last BH) | P-Flex lite (last BN)
  • Sole: SPYDER II
  • Last: BH - BN
  • Size: 36-48 (with ½ sizes)
  • Weight: 480g (½ pair size 42)


Insole P-Flex

Insole  P-Flex

Sole Spyder II

SOLE Spyder II