Alessandro Palma

"This sport has turned in a way of life"

I started to play soccer when I was young, and I quickly understand that…wasn’t my sport! 3 goals in four season and not a single match without falling over the ball. So I decided to invest a little more on climbing and this time seems to work better. At 12 I tried to join a little competition placed near my hometown. I closed six block in total and was thrilled about the battle between a young Gabriele Moroni and Christian Core for the podium.  

Since that race in 2006 I haven’t stopped of doing competitions and training. I’ve also had some good achievement, when I wasn’t out because of injuries. This sport has turned in a way of life, and have influenced many of my choices and made me a different person.

I always try to learn the climbing from the point of view of history and when I’m not engaged in competitions or training, I love to try the pitches and the boulders that made the history of climbing.

After graduated in Graphic Design I started to work in a small gym in Borgo San Dalmazzo, where I still spent most of my spare time, and that makes me happy.




Rock: fino all'8b lavorato, 7c a vista. "Tiro da ricordare" box office, 8b, la Brigue.

Boulder: fino all'8A+ lavorato, 8A flash. "Boulder da ricordare" Il cuore non basta, 8A+, Isola d'Elba.

trad and multipitch way on 6c