Chimera Drago Furia S Furia 80

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Contact, Sensitivity and Edging

Asymmetrical and downturned shoe with a medium-to-high angled toe box for excellent toe precision and sensitivity. The Chimera is the pinnacle of modern climbing shoe design, with the perfect balance of characteristics for extreme boulders or routes.

  • Sole: XS GRIP2 3,5mm
  • Size: 34 - 45 (with ½ sizes)
  • Weight: 200g (½ pair size 40)

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Tomaia Softline 8p


The stitch pattern and 8 panel upper maps the toes allowing for the best custom moulding of the material around the critical areas of the foot. The twin lace arms pull from a panel stitched deep under the foot, reducing layers and increasing heel tension.

Intersuola TPS softline


A cleverly designed TPS midsole balances sensitivity with support. The floating big toe pad brings sensitivity and the four toe grouping gives enough support for small edges. The heel has a Relion plastic strip to allow greater pressure to be placed on a smaller area when hooking.

Tensionamento Chimera

Active randing

PCB active randing system gives the shoe top-level flexibility and maintains the shape of the shoe. SRT toe rand system with M50 rubber for unrivalled toe-hooking ability.

xs grip2 18


The 1/3 sole in Vibram XS grip 2 rubber below the toes gives excellent friction and maintains excellent freedom of movement in the rest of the shoe.