Cristian D'Anzul

I have a passion and an endless respect for climbing...

I started climbing about 12 years ago, first doing only mountain climbing and, after a few years, trying also sport climbing,  preferring the technical gesture and climbing to the limit because it's what I like the most.
One of the things I most appreciate of climbing and sport in general is that you have to work really hard to achieve your goals and realize your dreams. I love calmness, travels and everything tied to sport and dynamism and I definitely have a passion and an endless respect for climbing. Since many years I have the opportunity to work with a great company such as SCARPA and I feel very lucky to be able to walk with the right climbing shoe for every way or boulder and the correct shoe for every terrain or trip.

  • Vizija 8c Misja Pec
  • Corrida 8c Misja Pec
  • Out of Steiermark Always Carintia 8c “First ascent” Warmbad (Austria)
  • Dead man walking 8b+/c Warmbad (Austria)
  • Mr.Warmbad 8b+ Warmbad  (Austria)
  • Karizma 8b+ Misja Pec
  • Lo schiaccia liste 8b+ Laste