Daila Ojeda

I am from Canary Island and before climbing I always practised sea sports like surf and bodyboard. My first contact with climbing was at 18 years old when I watched a bouldering competition in my hometown in Gran Canaria.

I fell in love with this activity specially when I saw the girls climbing, it was so inspiring!! Climbing gives me the opportunity to know new places and meeting and sharing my life with people who also loves mountain and outdoor sports. It's an amazing experience. I feel very lucky to discovery climbing in my life!

Anyways I just climb when I feel motivated because motivation is the most important thing for enjoy my passion. When I don't climb I like running, swimming, reading, snowboarding, walking with my dog (Chaxi) and care of my garden.

  • Kaleaborroca 8b+, Siurana (Spain)
  • First female ascent "humildes pa'casa" 8b+, Oliana (Spain)
  • First ascent "China Crisis" 8b+ Oliana (Spain)
  • First Female ascent "La via del Kim"  8b+ Margalef (Spain)
  • First Female ascent "Fish eye" 8c Oliana (Spain)
  • First Female ascent "Mind Control" 8c+, Oliana (Spain)
  • "Aitzol" 8c, Margalef (Spain)