Dan Varian

I like boulders with striking visual lines or great moves.

I'm a 25 years old Cumbrian. I've trended towards bouldering a lot in recent years as many of our outcrops in the north of England are suited to short solos or boulders. As I've climbed on these more I've tried to eliminate the natural gaps I see for my generation to tackle. I'm partial to the odd trad route too but they have been of the short and hard variety again due to the crags. Now that I'm back in the lakes I might have a chance to get stuck into the proper mountain trad again if I can stay away from my pads for long enough. I like boulders with striking visual lines or great moves. I don't tend to like ground skimmers, overly linked up problems or stupidly blinkered/ eliminate ones, there is enough good rock about not to drop standards. Northumberland is where most of my favourite problems are and with Andy and Malcolm and Chris's high quality additions almost all its hard problems are classics.

If its over too quickly it was either too short or too easy.

I've been putting up high 7s problems and harder since i was 16 and bouldering wasn't that popular so i feel like i've seen a fair bit of development nowadays. In a way I'm psyched more than ever nowadays and as my base level and strength improves there are some fantastic projects I can get my mits on for the first time. When I'm not climbing I like playing a bit of Scrabble with Katie, trail running or woodwork (yes I am boring).