Daniela Feroleto

Climbing allows me to experience nature and be totally myself, to express myself, create, believe and do. I love the rock, I am fascinated by the beauty of certain shapes, lines and colors.

My name is Daniela Feroleto i have Calabrian-Sicilian origin but I was born in Genoa. I teach Artistic Education in Ascoli Piceno and I observe with curiosity the art world. I started to climb when i was 18; thanks to my friend Zac I discovered climbing "on the asphalt" on the historic stone wall of Puntavagno in Genoa. I saw here for the first time the "climbers" moving on marked circuits! Watching these people dance on the ripples of the stones leaving white traces of magnesite, attracted me immediately. I observed for hours these guys and when there was no one I tried too, but having not shoes was not easy! I immediately had to own shoes and a magnesite bag! From here it began a long journey that has evolved over time ... climbing has become part of me, forgiving my character and influencing my every single choice.  I've been climbing for 17 years, and I was lucky enough to start in a great school full of history, exceptional climbers, anecdotes and ethics: Finale Ligure. Here I touched the rock for the first time thanks to a course held by the very strong Genoese climber Gianni Duregato. That white, technical and manly limestone started me and even today my relationship with Finale Ligure is very strong. I test myself on all styles, I don't like "easy play" because  I'm thirsty to learn and grow. I want to be a good climber on any terrain and that's why I never give up. I traveled to distant places looking for beautiful rocks and beautiful places, and this is for me one of the most beautiful aspects of this sport. Many years have passed and I continue to experiment climbing in all its forms: bouldering, Dws, trad, sport climbing!  


Ricordo con piacere alcune vie poichè storiche e di riferimento a Finale ligure: 7C "Moon Runner" 2° go, 8A "Giravuelta" 2°rip.femminile, 8A "Crazy mix" 2°rip. femminile, 8A storico di A. Gallo "Guido Io" ad Albenga 2° rip. femminile. Del centro Italia tra le vie di maggior soddisfazione: un 7C storico di nome "13 e mezzo" di S.Romanucci e ripetuto da M.Calibani (presso Foce di Montemonaco) 1° e unica rip.femminile, 8A "Randagismo" (a Frosolone) 1° e unica rip. femminile.