Elisa Desco

“I run and tackle the ascents head-on, trying to realise as many dreams as possible”

I was born on 30 May 1982 in Savigliano (Cuneo) and now live in Bormio (Sondrio). I live with my partner Marco De Gasperi who is a professional athlete and also works as a forest range officer. I have two daughters, 7-year-old Lidia and 6-month-old Cecilia. I’m a mother, housewife, athlete and ice-cream maker. My father was an amateur runner, but as a child I had little interest in this sport - it was too tiring. Every August, the village where I grew up, Paesana, held a 5km road race known as “Strapaesana”, in which the first three men and women from the village received a prize. In 1993 a friend of mine won the trophy, arriving in second place. The following year, in June, I turned up on her doorstep wearing a top and a pair of shorts, ready to go running for the first time. I wanted to win the trophy too - that’s when you can see the competitor in me! The race went well, but I was exhausted by the end. I was spotted by the woman who would later become my trainer: she immediately went to see my father and persuaded him to sign me up with the team. I turned up to my first training session only a few months later because I still didn’t want to do something so exhausting. After that, however, I just could not stop running, I completely fell in love with it. Running is now a passion; it’s hard to explain how I feel: I like it a lot, it makes me feel good and I feel incomplete if I don’t run. I will run as long as I feel like it! I run everywhere, I simply love running whatever the race: fell, road, mountain or sky running. Over the last few years I have concentrated on trail and sky running and I usually take part in 5-30 mile races. The most beautiful runs I remember are Sierre-Zinal 2013 and the 2014 Mount Blanc Chamonix marathon, while Zegama 2015 is the one where I struggled the most.



1*Sierre-Zinal (Sui)

Campionessa italiana corsa in montagna



1* KV Transvulcania

2* Zegama

1* maratona dei Monte Bianco

Chamonixx (mondiali di Sky running)

3* Sky running world series



1* Matterhorn Ultraks (Zermat)

3* Dolomites skyrace

3* Sierre-Zinal

3* Sky running world series

Campionessa italiana corsa in montagna 



3* campionato italiano di corsa campestre

1* Livigno skymarathon

2* Dolomites skyrace

3* Epic Trail (Pirenei) mondiali di Sky running



stop per seconda gravidanza



6* kV Transvulcania

1* Resegup (Lc)