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New color version for 2018's F1, the versatile boot for all alpine touring skiers who look for lightness, comfort and performance. F1 is suitable to all alpine touring activities, great for going uphill with crampons while performing equally on the downhill, ploughing through fresh snow. The Carbon Core Technology on the shell and the X-Cage Evo on the cuff offer great stiffness and improve the transmission of impulse to the ski. The new ski/walk mechanism allows an easy and safe transition from ski to walk with minimum volumes. Only two closure systems for a fast fit: the BOA® and the Fast Buckle with reference graphics.

Axial Alpine selected polyammide Pebax


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  • range of motion forward lean last
  • Color: Anthracite/Pagoda Blue
  • Shell/Cuff: Primary Hp Polyammide
  • Tongue: Pebax®
  • Buckles: 2
  • Sole: U.f.o. Evo Scarpa® /Vibram®
  • Weight: 1260 Gr. (27)
  • Size: 24,5 - 31
  • Binding: TLT (Optimized Touring Pivot -6mm)
  • Inner boot: Pro Flex Evo
Comparison chart
X-Cage F1
X-Cage Evo

The original X-shape design on the back of the cuff with dedicated texture, has got different geometrical design but constant thickness. It allows to get the structure stiffer without adding weight, while reducing the torsion on the longitudinal axis.

F1 Lever
F1 Lever

The F1 LEVER guarantees the maximum in terms of lightness and performance. The transition from ski to walk and vice versa, is easy and fast. The system is enhanced by the Friction Free technology, in fact there isn't any connecting rod between the shell and cuff, this allows a "friction free" movement during the walking phase.

Carbon Core Technology
Carbon Core Technology

Power transmission and anti-torsion control. Advanced technology for maximum performance. "CARBON CORE EVO Technology" is a carbon insert that is over-injected on the shell to stiffen the boot and improve the transmission of power to the ski throughout the length of the boot shell. Increased power for a high-level performance.

BOA Closure System
Boa Closure system

The BOA closure system provides a closure and a custom fit for maximum comfort without pressure points. Each click is equivalent to 1 mm of voltage regulation. Once adjusted and locked in position, the BOA closure system does not diminish its locking effect even after many hours of use.

FBC - Fast buckle closure
FBC - Fast buckle closure

One only buckle and a Velcro strap with a referential graphic, which guarantees a rapid and precise closure. With only the buckle, and maintaining the same Velcro closure, you have two different fits suitable for both uphill and downhill, for a single and unique setting.

Scarpa Removable Strap
SCARPA Removable Strap

The Velcro® strap closure provides the best wrapping on the Pebax Tongue, it has a backward hook strap-holder which can be removed if necessary. The strap is made without stitching thanks to the HF welding technology.

Safety Strap Anchor

When you don’t have the ski brake on your binding, the Safety Strap Anchor allows you to easily leash your skis to your boots at all times, to avoid the skis to run away. Easy to use with any ski leashes available.

Last: the evolution of F1

Innovative last, specific for modern alpine-touring activity, conceived as evolution of the race activity last. The geometry is created according to the closure system, and it ensures great comfort fit and precision while skiing.

Quick Step-in

Allows the positioning and attachment of the boot easily and securely. 70% easier entry through self-guiding notches compared to traditional inserts. Patented, tested and guaranteed, exclusive license.

Axial Alpine Evo
Axial Alpine Evo

Axial Alpine EVO marks a new standard in the alpine-touring boots, studied to be the best in terms of lightness and comfort. Together with the "EVO TONGUE", the system guarantees the best performances.

F1 Tongue
EVO tongue

"EVO tongue" in Pebax has geometrical and specific design in the medial flex area. The flexible top edge allows an easy fit and a natural walking.

Finger Strap
Recco© Reflector

Made with a specific design at the end of the power strap. It simplifies the opening and closing of the power strap even when wearing gloves.

Recco© Reflector
Recco© Reflector

RECCO® technology makes you searchable to professional rescuers in the event of an avalanche accident. The two-part technology consists of RECCO® reflectors that are integrated into apparel, helmets, protection gear, and boots; and RECCO® detectors are used by more than 800 organized rescue groups worldwide. Together they enable directional pinpointing of a victim's precise location using harmonic radar but are not a substitute for a transceiver. Complementary in function, the technology is an additional tool that does not interfere with transceivers, avalanche dogs, or probe lines. RECCO® technology facilitates a faster organized search and increases the chance of being found in time. On the F1 models, the RECCO® reflector is installed on the FBC strap of the right boot.


SCARPA<sup><small>®</small></sup> UFO EVO SOLE

Pro Flex Evo

Pro Flex Evo