Filippo Barazzuol

"For me ski alp in not just race, but adventure"

Filippo Barazzuol, 1989

 “From early age I was attracted by the endurance sport, first swimming than downhill skiing: open spaces, cold and big mountain. The same mountain that I’ve discovered during the summer thanks to mountain biking. After a reflection period I’ve quit whit slopes and I’ve tried with skimo that was great: ski without limits, time and space. I’ve always been competitive so I’ve decide to challenge against my limits and others. From the first race till the World Cup in 2014. I have to say that I’m lucky to live in the beautiful Val Pellice, an area that offer a lot


Season 2013-2014:

Italian National Champion 2014

4° Trofeo Mezzalama 2013

5° Patrouille des Glacier 2014

World Cup: 2014 Verbier 11°, Courchevelle 16°, La Pitturina 12°, Les Diablerets 24°.

8° Italian Championship Individual 2014

9° Italian Cgampionship Vertical 2014

5° at Sellaronda 2014