Filippo Bianchi

"I run because if I didn’t I would be lazy and sad, spending my time on sofa. I run to breathe fresh air. I run to explore and escape the ordinary, to enjoy the journey along the way. Life becomes a little more lively and intense. I like this ... "

I'm 28 and I live in Alta Vallesabbia, precisely at P. Caffaro, the last village in the province of Brescia before  Trentino. I live surrounded by mountains and as soon as possible I go to walk and take pictures into the nature. I decided to work as a worker in a metalworking company, because the factory shifts give me a lot of time for myself and for my training sessions. I have always had a passion for sport thanks to my parents, who have practiced it at a competitive level. After a long time playing football, when i was 20, i start to dedicate myself to running and ski mountaineering. My personal athletic trainer is Eros Grazioli of Albino (Bg) with whom I feel very well, we have found a line of work that satisfies both, preferring quality to quantity, with sessions on the track, on the floor, work in mountain and on hilly terrain. And then there's my dog Rusty, an Hungarian bracco, my running partner.


- Formico Trail 2°
- Mugello Trail 2°
- Monte Barro Running 1°
- Resegup 6°
- Mezza Maratona del Cielo 3°
- Stava Mountain Race 6°
- Giro delle Creste 1°
- Giir di Mont 10°
- III° Trofeo Valle di Ledro 1°
- Rosetta Skyrace 8°
- Montecampione Skyrace 3°
- Trail del Monte Casto 2°
- Berg Trail 1°