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Force V

Force VForce V

Comfort, Sensitivity and Edging

Offers the perfect blend of comfort and technology. A flat and neutral shape and low angled toe box is the secret to its high levels of comfort. A shoe that excels in all day climbing where convenience, comfort and performance are all required.

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  • Upper: Suede
  • Sole: XS Edge 4.0 mm
  • Size: 35 - 48 (with ½ sizes) + 49 - 50 (NO ½ sizes)
  • Weight: 250g (½ pair size 40)
Tomaia Force V


Full suede leather upper plus a padding-lined heel area for high-level comfort. Twin reverse Velcro straps allow easy entry. Padded air mesh tongue for improved breathability.

Intersuola Force V


Flexan 1.0mm insert in the forefoot supports the foot in edging and smearing, spreading force through the front of the foot.

Tensionamento V Tension Force V

Active randing

V-Tension active randing system keeps the shape of the shoe over its life. It works with the full sole unit to keep the power focused on the big toe while supporting the arch and forefoot.

Suola xs edge Force v


4mm XS Edge full length sole for stability and top-level edging performance