Francesca Medici

I started climbing at 5 years old with my father. We were going to climb occasionally during the weekends and for me it was a way for being outdoors and spending time with him. My passion for climbing has grown during the years with me. Initially I decided to devote my time to other sports, but when I was 14 years old, after a small injury in track and field training, I decided to try my first climbing competition and, with beginner’s luck, I won.
This surprised me so much that I decided it was time to take it seriously. The climbing has become an important part of my life between races, rock climbing weekend and holidays in the mountains or on the sea not for rest, but for climbing. The best experiences I go through the National Youth where the competition is in the air and you feel it, but everybody are always available to help you at any time during the races, training and on every day life. I also thought about quitting some times, but that never happen because that is a part of me and always will helped me to understand who they are and how you have to react to challenges in life.
After all life is nothing different than a climb towards happiness, hold after hold, rest after rest; a way to beat your fears and limitations, mental training and a constant research of the best mental and physical shape.
Now I started the first year of Medicine at the University, although I know it will be hard, I know I'll never stop climbing because it’s a part of my heart and this will never change.


Punto Nero extended 8a Madonna della Rota un lungo viaggio tra piccoli appigli e movimenti delicati

Numerose volte campionessa regionale assoluta e giovanile specialità Lead e Boulder. Più volte a podio nei Campionati Nazionali Giovanili. Nazionale giovanile lead e Boulder dal 2011 al 2014