Francesco Vettorata

My name is Francesco Vettorata and I am a member of the X-fighter Team based in Molvena (VI) and I have been climbing with them for 6 years. I approached this sport thanks to a training course organized by my school. During four years, I practiced climbing in a “soft way”, especially bouldering indoor and outdoor. At the age of 18, I bought a van with the help of my parents and that made the difference:  I started to travel and to discover other places for climbing. 

Time after time, the passion and the attitude for this sport grew until I felt the need to compete. One day I met Moreno Lavarda and since that day, I train with him. Moreno believed in me and in my capacities and just in one year I achieved a position among the first twenty athlets in the World ranking. The competition that I remember with more affection is the Italian Championship in 2012: I hadn’t scored very well in the semifinal, but in the final I found the force and the motivation to climb in fluid way, winning the silver medal. I think I am a stubborn person with a strong will to train and I am not afraid of working hard. I always want to do my best every time in different conditions.

The best cliff memory is “movimenti tellurici” (8c+) in the valley where I was born.