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Freedom SL wmn

Freedom SL wmnFreedom SL wmnFreedom SL wmn

FREEDOM SL WMN is the female version of FREEDOM SL. Its Intuition removable liner is designed on a specific woman last and is thermoformable to offer you the best custom fit. FREEDOM SL WMN guarantees maximum comfort and great performance to fulfill the needs of all women freeriders.

Axial Alpine   

  • range of motion forward lean last
  • Color: Lime / Turquoise
  • Shell/Cuff: Pebax® Rnew
  • Buckles: 4
  • Sole: Mountain Plus Scarpa/Vibram®
  • Weight: 1650 Gr. (27)
  • Size: 21,5 - 27
  • Binding: Alpine Touring TLT
  • Inner boot: Speed Ride wmn
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CARBON CORE technology

Power Transmission and anti-torsion control. Advanced technology for maximum performance. "CARBON CORE Technology" is a carbon insert that is over-injected on the shell sole to stiffen the boot and improve the transmission of power to the ski throughout the length of the boot shell.


The ultimate in comfort and performance for maximum lightness. An innovative injection process, combined with a special design of the mold, creates a variable thickness in the plastic for a smooth, progressive flex while skiing. Maximum lightness guaranteed.

Dedicated last

The anatomical last for the best custom fit for freeriding. Designed for the freeriders' needs, the specific last of the FREEDOM ensures a precise fit and high-performance, for smooth and precise skiing on the steep slopes.


Designed to ensure a perfect wrap of the cuff and the shell. "OVERLAP CLOSURE Technology" allows the correct movement of the ankle and creates a direct power transmission to the skis. The front of the cuff is separated into two areas, between the cuff buckle, for an uniform and precise closure of the tibial area. Differentiated thickness and oblique profile on the bottom guarantees the correct wrapping of the forefoot without any pressure point.

Axial Power Control

"Axial Power Control" helps to improve the inclination of the ankle-knee joints, for more precise edge grip. The inclination of 2° medial axis allows for more sensitive and responsive skiing, especially on the steep slopes.

Rider Power Block

Easy mechanism to unlock and lock due to the absence of the connecting rod between the shell and cuff. Friction is reduced to zero to maximize the freedom of movement during the walking. Total cuff range of 27 degrees. Innovation patented by SCARPA®.

Steel insert

Steel insert riveted on two points, which connects the POWER STRAP to the cuff, allows for a smooth, progressive flex when skiing.


Innovative system of attaching the sole to the shell. The sole is secured by a plate that is over-injected into the tip and metal nuts embedded in the shell. "CORE CONNECT Technology" increases power transmission to the ski due to the reduced distance in between the foot and the ski. 


HEEL: Vibram® rubber heel with minimum thicknesses for maximum adherence to the ski and optimum grip.

TOE: Vibram® rubber toe with a smooth profile for easy entry into AT bindings.
Central helix nails with anti-slip profile for a better grip.


HEEL: Rubber heel with anti-slip profile for optimal grip. TPU inserts for quick release of the heel.

TOE: Rubber anti-slip toe, with TPU inserts for a quick release from the binding.

SCARPA® Mountain Plus sole

SCARPA<sup><small>®</small></sup>  Mountain Plus sole

Speed Ride wmn

Speed Ride wmn