Gabriele Moroni

I can remember that day, my very first day of climbing...
I was 8 years old and I had no idea what climbing was about and where it would bring me in the coming years!
I am Gabriele Moroni, 30 years old and I've been climbing for 22 years.
I started as a kid, curious about this new thing and got hooked right away!
After a couple of years I had been told I was pretty good at it, so I started doing competitions...
Since then I've never stopped. In my career I think I did all the possible events, all the disciplines, all the categories... Regionals,Nationals,Continentals,Worlds!
In my early teenage years I also discovered Rock Climbing and it became my big passion. Since the beginning I really wanted to climb on every different kind of rock and style and started travelling not only for comps but also for rock trips!
I competed, repeated hard routes or boulders, bolted new routes and brushed new boulders basically all my life but the motivation is always staying at the same level!
I will defenitely keep on climbing and living my life with the same approach I always had, having no plans and following my instinct!

  • Competitions
    • 3rd Bouldering WC overall ranking 2009
    • Four times 2nd place at Bouldering WC's in 2007/2008/2009
    • Youth World Champion 2005
  • Routes
    • Action Direct 9a Frankenjura (Germany)
    • Goldrake 9a/a+ Cornalba (Italy)
    • Coup de Bambou 9a FA Getu Valley (China)
    • Sid Lives 9a FA (Bolted) Arco (Italy)
  • Boulders
    • The Story of Two Worlds 8C Cresciano (Switzerland)
    • The Power of One 8B flash Rocklands (South Africa)
    • Ambrosia 8A Bishop (USA)
    • Rigatoni 8A Valle dell'Orco (Italy)