Globo Alpin Dobbiaco

“The incomprehensible part of what makes us happy is the most interesting part”

 “The incomprehensible part of what makes us happy is the most interesting part”

We walk, accompany and guide with passion and great enthusiasm both in our home mountains, the Dolomites, and in any other mountain area worldwide: tracing wonderful wavy tracks in the snow powder while skiing in winter, wearing our hiking boots in spring to enjoy the lush green valleys and mountain pastures, making some acrobatic moves on the vertical rocks in summer and heading far away towards adventurous trips in autumn.

Live what you love!” - this is our simple motto.

Our team consists of certified mountain guides recognized as such at international level who show boundless enthusiasm for the mountains while having a considerable baggage of experience at our disposal. Further to our job we largely dedicate our free time to the mountains sharing experiences, information and ideas with each other. The internally organized courses, moreover, emphasize our great commitment towards our profession. Thanks to our job and the immense enthusiasm of every single one of us, we have become a very smooth and dynamic group over time and developed great team spirit.

Activities: excursions, ski touring, mountaineering, climbing, high alpine tours, trekking, expeditions, snowshoeing, day tours, incentives, adventure days for kids, feeling home in the Dolomites and in any other mountain area around the world.