Gregor Selak

Climbing... I love it, enjoy it every second of my life and I am thankful for it.

I stared climbing in 1998. First part of my climbing life was focused on competitons. I really enjoy all the competitions around Europe. Meeting climbers from other countries and share climbing experiences with them. It was really nice part of my life that I will always remember. After competiton era I visited some well known crags, like: Ceuce, Kalymnos, Val di mello, Mallorca,...

In 2014 the doctor said to me that I have multiple sclerosis and my world turned upside down. What a shock! I just wanted to know if there is any possibility that I will walk normaly and climb again, cause I was disabled for more than one year before doctor figured out what is wrong with me.

After therapies I get better and better and I started climbing again. I was so happy that I can do this beautiful moving on the wall. Nowadays I am thankful for every day, that I can spent on climbing wall, doesn't matter indoor or outside.

I wish that everybody should appreciate life and not to take it for granted.

 Live your life :)


4 times national champion in younger categories on European youth cup in Kranj on European youth cup in Kranj on World paraclimbing championship in Paris category Rp3

Climbed 8b in second go, 8a onsight before Multipla sclerosis and now I did

8a red point