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Instinct SR

Instinct SR

Varied range of foot holds

The Instinct SR is designed with indoor climbing in mind. The large rubber cover above the toe area enables powerful toe-hooking. Integral heel cup for sensitive heel-hooking, slightly asymmetrical and downturned shape, with a medium angled toe box.

  • Upper: Microfiber
  • Sole: XS GRIP2 3,5mm
  • Size: 34 - 45 (with ½ sizes)
  • Weight: 240g (½ pair size 40)

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Tomaia Instinct Sr


Multi-panel upper (5) with seamless big toe panel and seamless four-toe panel for the best custom moulding fit. Full microfiber upper with REB reinforced elastic closure. Ultra-sticky M50 rubber on the top of the toes for top-level hooking.

Intersuola Instinct


Half-length Flexan 1.0mm insert spreads the force in the forefoot and allows for excellent flexibility in the rear of the shoe.

Tensionamento Bi Tension Instinct

Active randing

Bi Tension active randing system runs under the toes and draws back through the arch of the foot to give great flex with subtle tension.

Suola Instinct Sr


3.5mm ¾ XS Grip 2 sole. M50 rubber heel construction for high friction hooking performance.