Ivano Molin

I grew up in a large family (7 brothers) in Misurina, a small village in the Dolomites. The passion for sport and the mountains has always been a core value I have shared with my whole family. My father was an Alpine Guide National Instructor, he opened several climbing routes on the Dolomites and took part in some extra European expeditions as well.
Since there weren’t many other options in Misurina, I started very early with cross-country ski (by the age of four I was already racing), for which I was in the National Team from 1989 to 1995, collecting a 23rd ranking at the Junior World Championship in Vuokatti, Finland, a 10th ranking at the 50km at the National Champioship, and one presence in the World Cup.

In 2000 I started looking for new incentives so I approached ski mountaineering, which gave me great satisfaction from the very beginning: running the first World Championship in Serre Chevalier, France, a sixth place at Trofeo Mezzalama together with Renato Pasini and Luciano Fontana, an eight place at the Pierra Menta, and a second place at Sellaronda.

Running has always been my main training in the summer, but only in 2013 I got close with long-distances races. Since 2014 I’ve had the privilege to be a part of the “Scarpa family”, which allowed me to collaborate on the production of the new Alpine Running footwear line, just as my father did with Parisotto climbing shoes years ago.

  • 2013

    • 1st at DOLOMITI EXTREME TRAIL Forno di Zoldo km 53 D+ 3.800 m.
    • 14th at LAVAREDO ULTRA TRAIL Cortina d’Ampezzo km 85 D+ 3.541 m.
    • 2nd at ULTRA TRAIL ATLAS TOUBKAL Marocco km 105 D+ 6.500 m.
    • 1st at GORE TEX RUN TRAIL Pieve di Soligo km 26 D+ 1.100 m.


    • 5th at ELBATRAIL Marciana Marina km 55 D+ 3.512 m.
    • 21st at LAVAREDO ULTRA TRAIL Cortina d’Ampezzo km 119 D+ 5.850 m.
    • 5th at GORE TEX TRANSALPINE RUN Germany – Austria – Italy (8 Legs)
      km 293 D+ 13.730 m.
    • 4th at TRAIL DEL GEVERO Cison di Valmarino km 42 D+ 2.600 m.


    • 4th at DUE ROCCHE TRAIL Cornuda km 48 D+ 1.900 m.
    • 1st at ANTICO TRAIL DEL CONTRABBANDIERE Bassano km 37 D+ 2.500 m.
    • 16th at LAVAREDO ULTRA TRAIL Cortina d’Ampezzo km 119 D+ 5.850 m.
    • 29th at UTMB ULTRA TRAIL DU MONT BLANC km 170 D+ 10.000 m. 
    • 5th at TRAIL DEL GEVERO Cison di Valmarino km 42 D+ 2.600m.