Jenya Kazbekova

I will never give up. This is my motor.

My name is Jenya Kazbekova. I’m from Ukraine. Climbing is not just my hobby. This is the style of my life. 

I knew since my very childhood that I want to become a strong climbers like my parents, Serik Kazbekov and Nataly Perlova. Today it is not the aim I’m pursuing, but it is the way in which I live my life and it is my world. 

I can feed up with everything: my school, my music, my English lessons but not with climbing. It never becomes boring to me! My main objective is getting stronger and stronger both physically and psychologically. 

When I go to my gym, I know that I will get my own world there and I can perfect myself. I want to keep my personality alive in any situation. This means that I’m first of all an athlete and a professional climber.

I will never give up. This is my motor.

  • Ukrainian Championship  2012: 1° boulder
  • World Youth Championship 2011: 2° lead
  • World Youth Championship 2010: 1° lead
Jenya Kazbekova, Rodellar
Jenya Kazbekova, Rodellar
Jenya Kazbekova climb
Jenya Kazbekova climb Vremya Ch