Jernej Kruder

I was born in December 1990 and started climbing in 1997 in Slovenia. I have three sisters. The youngest two are also climbers. My hobbies are skydiving, snowboarding and motorcycling.

Until 2004 I was already winning the nationals (in my group) and than I joined the Slovenian youth climbing team. I also found myself in rock climbing. In the same year I climbed my first 8a route.I found out that I’am a really dynamic climber, when I arrived second on the World youth championship in speed. One year later I also won a European youth championship in Bulgaria- also speed.

In 2007 I started to develop an area next to my hometown with my friends. I have mostly done all of the first ascents up to 8b+ Fb. The area is called »Golobove pečine«. In the same area I bolted a few routes and climbed the hardest route there. It is graded 8c and it was first climbed by me. There are still a lot of routes and boulders which have to be done.

Because I was really good on nationals and European youth cups, I was invited to join the Slovenian climbing team (bouldering). I had already become a good rock climber. I did my first 8a+ boulder in the Austrian Maltatal. The year 2009 was very successful for me in rock climbing. I climbed my first 8c route (Iluzija in Kotečnik) and did my first 8b boulder (Ramadan in Ožbalt), …and for the first time I became national champion. From that time, I won the nationals four times in a row.

The World cup in Vail in 2010 was a break through for me. With a strong performance I made my first finals. Unluckily I ended on 4th place. Another break trough was my first 8c+ route. I did the first ascent and it is still unrepeated.

Winning the CWIF in 2011 (Sheffield, UK) was another evidence, I can beat the best climbers in the world. On the same year I repeated the 4th place from Vail twice. First, at the world cup in Vienna and then later at the European championship in Innsbruck. I also onsighted my hardest route. That was Onda Anomala 8b in Skedenj.

Rogla is another area, where I started to develop climbing in 2012. I have done many first ascents so far. I am very proud of many “highballs” I have climbed there… a lot of them still unrepeated. I really like things like this. In Golobove pečine and Kotečnik I free soloed a few 8a routes and more, in previous years.

In one year (2012) I climbed 37 boulders graded 8a or more (some of them in Rogla). In this year I did the 4th ascent of one of the hardest boulders in the world. On the new year trip to Cresciano, Switzerland I sent The story of 2 worlds, graded 8c. So far I made another final at the World cup in Kitzbühel.

This summer I went to the climbing Mekka named Rocklands and sent a lot of really hard boulder problems, among them the 4th ascent of Air star 8b Fb.

Recently I won the Adidas Rock stars 2013 Boulder competition.