Jovica Spajic

Who dares - can. Who does not know what fear is - goes forward.

I was born on 15 January 1987 in a small village close to Priboj in Serbia. Priboj is immersed in nature, close to mountains and rivers, and this environment has shaped me since childhood, both spiritually and personally. Until 2008 I worked as a policeman and then I joined Saj, the special anti-terrorist unit. I’m a martial arts expert and I have also practiced judo and Japanese jiu-jitsu. Since 2012 I have been part of the Serbian national ultra marathon team. I love all mountain activities, from alpinism to free climbing, but I also train my body to endure pain and exhaustion through survival strategy techniques. In 2015 this experience led me to publish a book entitled “Beat Yourself” where I write about the physical and mental preparation this type of training requires. My philosophy is simple: giving up is not an option, regardless of the challenge, but respecting one’s adversaries is also necessary: if a contestant is unwell, I stop even in the middle of a race. This is one of the foundations of the group I founded, the “Ultra Runner Serbia”, which currently has over two thousand members. I also raise money to support research on the Angelman syndrome, a genetic disorder resulting from chromosome duplication through genetic imprinting. When I can, I give away mementoes from my races to raise money for charity. 


17° assoluto e 5° in categoria alla ’’Sahara race’’, 250 km. Unico rappresentante dei Balcani.

Batte il record nazionale della Serbia all'Ultramarathon di 24 ore a Palic con 222.221 km.
Partecipa a “Tor des Geants” Ultramarathon, 333 km
2° assoluto e 1° in categoria col record nazionale di 682.3km all' “Icarus Florida Ultra Fest“
Tra i top 10 e 1° in categoria “Milano – San Remo“ Ultramarathon

8° assoluto e 2° in categoria “Badwater”, extreme Ultramarathon in Death Valley (USA)
Rappresentante della Serbia "24hour World Championship", Torino

Vincitore della “La Ultra – The High“ in Himalaya battendo il record storico

“Yukon Artic Ultra”, Circolo Polare Artico, 700km a -50°C
2° assoluto a “Sahara race” nel Deserto Nimibia
4° assoluto "TAHOE Lake” in California, 340km
Vincitore con record storico assoluto alla "Jungle Marathon"