Loic Gaidioz

It’s a great opportunity for me to be able to climb and live about what I provide. I like discovering, sharing, giving, learning, meeting, get to the point to my personal goal/target, improving my level, and the most important thing… keep smiling! I also like many things beside of climbing like family, friends, snow, bike, flying, motorbiking! 

I don’t like the hypocrites, racists, spoiled children, cauliflower, red cars, shave my beard, the girl’s strings coming out of Jeans, scammers, profiteers, porn, cars radars, people who say things without saying anything, my neighbour, paperwork, drinking water, being locked up, the ticking of a clock….

My favourite climbing area Fontainebleau! But it’s impossible to compare places. All styles are differents! Cresciano, Chironico, Hueco, Rockland, Grampians, Bishop, CastleHill… are just… amazing! Many thanks to all my partner to make those dreams true!

  • Culinam, 8b Swiss
  • Les feux dAzeroth, 8a+, 6 months after a surgery of the pulley
  • French champion
  • World cup podiums