Lorenzo Puri

Val Daone  come un pesce fuor d' acqua 8a Madrugada 8a  Sustenpass El Acertijo (7c ) , Core's Roof Copa sta bisa (8a) FA , Arrastradero Baila Morena FA (8a) settore Loma de la Tejeri movimenti tellurici 8c  Igne

I have some beautiful memories of our first outings to the mountains and cliff faces - they are impressed in my mind and will never be forgotten. Even now, while writing, I am smiling. I was just 12 years old when my father took me out on a climbing expedition for the first time. Even though I enjoyed those days up in the mountains, I didn’t immediately develop a strong interest in them, maybe because I was already practicing a number of other sports competitively. Then, at 16, I truly fell “in love”. I started visiting a lot of places in Italy and Europe, getting to know many different people, making new friends and, above all, acquiring a whole range of experiences in succession. In spite of the highs and lows, these experiences helped me grow as a person and made me who I am today. My way of thinking, seeing things and being has completely changed. I am convinced that climbing represents a style of life. I think it will continue to give me many more lessons and pleasures. I’m also certain of my desire to continue on this journey because it’s what I love doing.


Movimenti tellurici, 8c+, Igne

Helicopterz oh beachez, 8b+, Albarracin
Gioia stand, 8b, Varazze
Wrestling with an alligator, 8b, Maltatal
Aspettando Fred Nicole, 8a (flash), Val di Mello

Highlight of the last two weeks bouldering