Lorenzo Sinibaldi

I was only 4 years old when my parents first introduced me in the world of climbing. Unfortunately, my first experience was terrible and I stopped immediately, focusing on other sports, such as skiing. Then at the age of 10 I tried climbing again and from that moment I immediately sensed that something had changed. I had finally found my way! I was totally fascinated by the freedom of expression that climbing gave me and it was not long that I was literally "obsessed". I could not think of nothing else and I spent the whole day in the gym to train, focusing on the many goals. I also started to compete. Even today I remember with emotion when, at my first competition I finished third. This result gave me reason to commit myself even more and improve. Accumulating experiences during competitions I was able to make a little dream of mine come true: join the national youth team which opened new horizons for me. The following years I participated in several national and international competitions that made me visit new places and meet new people. Although the races are the most important part of my activity I never give up to go and spend a nice day at the crag. Whether it's a competition or a day at the crag with friends, those are the days that I wake up motivated and ready for a new adventure. 


8° Coppa Europa Imst 2015
4° Campionati Italian giovanili 2015
21° Campionati mondiali giovanili 2015

Legend 8b/+, Eiszeit
Subway 8b, Frankenjura
Boiling point 8b, Frankenjura
Menhir 8b, Sella
Black tooth grin 8b, Nago
Pepper life 8b, Albenga