Luca Vallata

Scalando la cascata sotterranea della grotta Brezno Pod Velbom Su Llops de mar, pale di San Lucano Siula Grande Perù Sulla nostra variante del Liquore sull Agner Parete Nord dell'Eiger Cerro Torre Sulla Via Attraverso il Pesce

I was born in 1990 and I approached the world of climbing and mountaineering in the early years of high school.

With friends from school I immediately began to repeat the famous "classics" of the Dolomites, from that period I remember especially the adventurous back home hitchhiking.

Our climbs were at the beginning unlegal, our parents did not have to know anything!

Later, thanks also to their fundamental help and their understanding, my activity has been able to mature, develop and broaden its horizons to allow me to practice all the disciplines that, according to the season, the mountain offers and to complete the courses to obtain the title of Mountain Guide.

I took part in numerous extra-European expeditions (Perù, Patagonia, China, India), always looking for remote objectives, unclimbed walls and peaks. Also in this sense the help of SCARPA is and has been very precious for me.

Nonetheless, my favorite adventure terrain is the Dolomites, a place full of history, but it is still willing to offer a lot to the imaginative climbers and to people who are not afraid of getting lost, sometimes.