Luka Strazar

Not being affraid to fail allows you to try your best

I guess one out of four kids had to show some interest in father's old climbing gear stored in the basement. First steps and knots I learned from him. High school years brought a start to exploring the world of alpine climbing with peers.
Fast forward through roughly a decade of learning, cold nights, doubts, expeditions, pumped arms, success and disappointment, I still find beauty in chasing big goals or just breathing fresh air.
To be ready to learn, brave enough to try, to cherish small victories and except failure is something mountains can teach you quite well. To go and to live the experience and hear the lessons is what I hope I will be able to continue doing in the future.

Pakistan - Latok 1, North face, new route               
Alaska - Denali Cassin ridge         
Slovenia - Triglav north face,  Kaveljc         
Nepal - Chukyma Go, new route         
Nepal - Janak, new route         
Pakistan - K7 west, new route