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Maestro Alpine

Maestro Alpine

Designed for trad climbing at low temperatures (winter conditions), this version offers an high thermic insulation grade thanks to an additional internal layer and a thermic sock. The leather upper riding higher on the foot for extra protection. It offers stability for standing on small edges and yet has enough flex for smearing. The Maestro Alpine has a straight and slightly downturned shape with a medium-to-low angled toe box.

  • Upper: 2,0mm Suede/Microfiber
  • Sole: XS Edge 4,0 mm
  • Size: 36-46 (with ½ sizes) + 47-50 (no ½ sizes)
  • Weight: 355g (½ pair size 41)

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Tomaia Maestro Alpine


Upper with Alumina Space Shell lining; the special construction garantees to wrap the foot like a sock and ensure a precise fit avoiding pressure points.

Intersuola Maestro


Full-length Janus 1.1mm plastic insert is shaped and cut to help spread the force across the whole foot, while maintaining torsion rigidity for continuous micro foothold use.


Tensionamento Maestro

Active randing

IPC-Tension active randing system gives integral support to the foot while under pressure and maintains flex for smearing.

Suola Xs Edge Maestro


4mm XS Edge full length sole combined with 2mm XS Grip 2 heel underlay.