Mark Oberlechner

Poseidon 8c Ciastlins - St. Vigilio

I was about 11 when I started and had my first experiences in climbing. At that time, I tried a couple of vie ferrate with my parents, and then two years later I tried my first alpine route. With a friend who was the same age as I was, I climbed Torre Lucy, one of the Cinque Torri in the Dolomites. Since then I got always more into climbing and I started to go climbing more often, enjoying climbing more and more. I was fond of the big Dolomite’s walls, that even today don’t stop amazing me.

Later I tried other disciplines and I have to admit that I love climbing in all its aspects: sport climbing, alpine climbing, ice climbing and boulder…every discipline thrills me infinitely. And for this reason I always try to find the balance in practising the different disciplines.

Currently I’m studying Geography at the University of Innsbruck but, when I’m not studying or climbing, I am a route setter in the gym and I teach climbing indoor. Among my dreams there are some expeditions in areas that had always fascinated me, in order to try always to go beyond my limits as I do in every aspect of my life.



  • Sport climbing up to 8c.
  • Boulder up to 8a+.
  • Sputnik, Mephisto e Total brutal 8b+
  • Zurück in die zukunft RP (X-), Torre piccola del Sass Putia
  • Prima invernale Alpenliebe IX, Cima ovest di Lavaredo 2011
  • Prima ripetizione di Presskneidl IX, Cima ovest di Lavaredo (flash)
  • Ochs am berg IX-, onsight, Mesules
  • Jugendliebe VIII,  onsight Sass dla Crusc
  • Prima repitizione di "fairplay" 10-, vallon retpoint
  • Onsight di "Perla preziosa" 9+ sass dla crusc
  • Redpoint di zurück in die zukunft 9+/10- peitlerkofelturm.


  • Drytooling m11.
  • Crazy diamond M8 WI5+ RP, Reintal
  • Zauberflöte e Senza piombo (flash of M10) in Langental


Spring 2013