Martin Stráník

Now i have been climbing almost 20 years. My first contact with climbing was thanks to my dad on czech sandstone, soon i started with training and felt in love with climbing. I made a great progress during my studies in Brno, where i trained with Adam Ondra, Tomas Mrazek and other strong czech climbers, which gave me a lot. I am originally lead climber, but in 2006 I start to discover bouldering and I found it more fun and more suit to my body.

We started to discover outside bouldering in Czech republic, transform training and in 2007 I made my best result – 2nd place on Wolrd Championship in Avilles. By that time i had some failures on World comps even on rocks I was still in great progress, climbed my first 8B in 2009, first 8B+ in 2013 and 8C in 2014. On great result from year in 2007 I resumed in 2015 and 2016 with two sekond places in Munchen and Meiringen. Year 2016 was also my best year on World Cup circuit and I finished on 7th place in overall.

Nowadays I work as a meteorologist on Czech Hydrometeorological Institute and in my freetime I give everything into climbing, my girl and family.