Martina Blanchet

Buoux Gorges du loup rockslave tcc 2015 rockslave

I lived at the foot of Mt. Blanc nevertheless... I hated climbing. Not taller than a dwarf and wearing a pair of little red Boreal, I was dragged along with my older brother to "easy" rocks. But I chickened out easily and never enjoyed it at all. Then during summer a whiplash. Without knowing how or why I found myself climbing all the time, again and again, and have never stopped since.

Having a previous experience with skiing and ski races it was inevitable to me to experience climbing with the same spirit for competitions. It came natural to participate in youth division's competitions against other talented athletes, traveling around Europe. But then, again, as soon as I discovered outdoor climbing, I found no meaning in mere plastic. Rock was what really made my eyes shine and my heart beat. I quit competitions.

Finished high school I moved to Turin to continue with my education. But the truth is I moved there for climbing. I never imagined how a simple decision could be so right. Used to training in my small homemade panel, usually alone, I found myself introduced in a whole new environment, surrounded by many young climbers with whom at last share my passion. I felt new blood running through my veins. So I started once again serious training and competitions, also taking part in my first World Cup.

Even though I remain, deep in my heart, an outdoor climber, I wish my days as an athlete here in Turin could last as long as possible giving me the chance in the future to make this "rock" passion of mine my daily job.


7c+ a vista, 8c lavorato.

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