Matty Hong

My parents Steve Hong and Karin Budding introduced me to climbing at a very young age.  They brought me to Rifle, Colorado while I was still in diapers to play in the dirt with my brother Alex while they were out climbing.  They have been the largest role models in my life encouraging me to always to my best no matter what I am doing.  I grew up climbing outdoors but also became involved with climbing teams and competitions as those grew in popularity.

More recently, I have been studying film at the University of Colorado Boulder, set to graduate December 2015.  I am excited to move on to the next chapter of my life and pursue my passion of climbing and making films.  I still compete in various competitions but my real enthusiasm comes from the outdoors and the adventures’ climbing brings to me.

Favorite SCARPA product:  Booster S, Furia, Instinct VS
What other SCARPA product do you use: Rapid LT, and Manhattan
Your biggest influence growing up: My parents
Biggest idol in your sport growing up: My parents
What age did you start:  I can’t remember!  I was in diapers.
Favorite junk food:  Haribo gummiem
Favorite post activity drink:  Sunny D with whey
Best excuse to skip training: Hot date
Go-to dance move:  Depends on what I’m drinking
Favorite ice cream:  Salted caramel
Coffee or tea:  Coffee in the am, tea in the pm
What do you do on off days:  Go to school, work, & relax
How would you describe your style:  Jeans and t-shirt
What can’t you live without:  My mom
What keeps you motivated:  To keep on climbing
Favorite classic movie:  Cannot chose just one
What’s on your ipod:  Spotify
Hidden talent/party trick:  Make the tequila disappear
Achievement for the future: My favorite achievement is that I have had the ability to pursue my passion for climbing along with traveling and exploring amazing locations around the world.  I hope to share my adventures with others and possibly inspire them along the way.