Mauro Calibani

My name is Mauro Calibani and I was born in central Italy in the city of Ascoli Piceno.

I always knew that I would be a climber – even when I was a little boy. My dad was a mountaineer and I was really fascinated by this magical thing. Once I got started, I never stopped dreaming and being totally committed to attaining my goals with joy and in my own special way!  

I have climbed (and continue to do so) in every imaginable place and manner: free solo, cliff climbing, rock climbing, barefoot… at the sea, in the mountains, on city walls or even the most beautiful and majestic trees. I love the feeling of my body being suspended and I also love believing that I can climb the best routes. The ones I imagine in my mind. The ones that no one has seen before I do.

What I like best about all of this is the intuition and the energy that result from the fusion of my body in motion with the rocks – and it just keeps on coming right back at me!


Winner of the 1997 LEAD Italian cup

2001 World Bouldering Champion at Winterthur

2nd Place in the 2001 World Cup Final

2nd Place in the 2002 European Championship

4th Place in the 2003 World Cup

2 consecutive results as Rock Master in the 2002 and 2003 Bouldering Competitions


Cliff climbing, numerous Onsighted spike routes up to 8B Boulders and 8C+ Redpointed routes.

Bouldering: I launched the explosion of the movement with the discovery and development of Meschia, one of the most challenging areas in Europe for this discipline with its countless crags and first ascents ranging from 3 to 8C/+ routes.


Flash Rampage 8A FB at Varazze in 2005

First Ascent of Tonino 78 8C/+ FB in 2004

Dream Time 8B+/C FB at Cresciano in 2004


Trad Climbing:

 Is Not Always Pasqua E9 7A – 8B/+ first ascent in 2002 at the Monti Sibillini National Park

Pesce fritto da Pietro 8C Trad Route



 numerous first ascents and developments/enhancements of new areas in the Mediterranean.

Two Smoking Barrels 8A+ Flash in Mallorca