Mountain Guide Cortina d'Ampezzo

Experts in the mountains and specialists in the Dolomites

We're a group of 26 professional mountain guides with more than 140 years of tradition and experience!
We are experts in the mountains and specialists in the Dolomites.
We want to experience the mountains with you!

Our primary concern is not only your total safety, but to convey our knowledge and our passion for the mountains.
We also have a fabulous children's program and we believe that mountain activities at a young age teach equilibrium, coordination as well as understanding and respect for the outdoors.
Both to children and adults alike, we propose a variety of activities: yearound hiking, excursions, orienteering, climbing courses on all levels in our local dolomites, out of bounds skiing; ice climbing; trekking and extraeuropean expeditions.


As far back as the 15th century, the Venetian Republic hired and paid the local mountaineers to accompany the official mapmakers through the Dolimites to trace the Austrian-Venetian border. Later, in 1865, the Austrian state officially authorised the discipline of Alpine Guide.

This recognition was the result of the success of the first explorers of the Dolomites: the Englishman J. Ball and his ascent of Mt. Pelmo in 1857; the Viennese Paul Grohmann and his systematic attack of all of the dolomite peaks beginning in 1860. These first explorers were often accompanied by the local mountain-goat hunters, traditionally the true experts of the steep and dangerous mountain routes, and together can be considered the forefathers of the modern mountain guide.

Cortina (under Austrian rule until 1918) already in 1871 counted 9 official mountain guides. Thanks to these first guides Cortina became famous all through northern Europe as one of the most extraordinary centers for mountain climbing.
Some of the best remembered names from that period are: the Hungarian barons Von Eotvos, Albert the king of Belgium and Teodoro Wundt, guided by the famous cortinesi Agostino Verzi, Antonio Dimai and Angelo Dibona (famous not only for his ascents in the dolomites, but also throughout France and the western alps).

The guides of Cortina are famous for having executed the most difficult ascents of the first half of the 20th century. One remembers: the Dimai brothers and their summit of the north face of the Torre Grande of the Tre Cime, Ettore Costantini and Albino Alverà for their routes on the three Tofana peaks, and Lino Lacedelli, who summitted K2 in 1954, and Luigi Ghedina who summitted the west face of the Cima Scotoni.

Today, the Gruppo Guide Alpine of Cortina counts 26 professional guides active not only in our local dolomites but throughout the world. Along with the organisation of Courmayer, the Gruppo Guide Alpine of Cortina is the largest in Italy.