Silvia Rampazzo

“And this our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.” (Shakespeare)

I was born on 19 January 1980 in Mestre (Venice). I’m not a professional athlete, but I enjoy hard work, running, training… and beer. I’m an environmental engineer and work with health, security and environmental management systems in the Oil&Gas sector. My mother is a retired Italian teacher and my father is a banker. Competition was never an important aspect for my family: sport (or rather, active movement, possibly in the open) was always seen as a way of completing ourselves, achieving a “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body).
I’m restless, so moving and pushing myself to the limit brings me peace.
My passion for running started by chance and only developed gradually. I started running just to free my mind and do away with the negativity of certain moments. Then it grew on me.
I’ve never been competitive and I’ve never practiced athletics. Racing or excelling in sports was never one of my dreams or objectives. Sport has always been part of my life but in marginal and discontinuous ways until the last few years. I never imagined becoming involved in this field or achieving the results I have.
I have always loved mountains and nature in general and despite being sociable and extrovert, I increasingly seek moments alone in nature.
My favourite distance running range is between 25-45 km because I enjoy these races. In shorter races I can’t seem to balance the time of the race, the “pre-race anxiety” and the “third stage”; whereas in longer races I savour the kilometres, look at the landscape while immersed in thought, listening to my body and letting off steam. After 3-4 hours of exercise I just dream about having a sandwich and a beer!
I prefer races which take me on a journey, “crossings”, possibly with various tracks on mountains and village roads. I enjoy tracks that balance climbing and descent, not overly technical. I love running on beautiful sunny days. I suffer the cold so I don’t like running in the rain or bad weather because they mentally challenge me and take away the fun of running.
I normally train in the evening when I get back home from work. I don’t follow any schedule. I run for 1 hour on the flat 4/5 days a week, following the slow rhythm of long-distance running and, when I can, I add a variation session. I try to rest one day during the week and spend one training day up in the mountains on weekends, for 2 to 4 hours or running a mountain race.
Giir di Mont 2017 (WMR Championship) was my best race, “controlled” and managed, finishing in Corso Roma where I completely surrendered myself to the crowd and with the voice of Silvano Gadin announcing the arrival of “the elf from Veneto”. The worst race was Zegama 2016: I had a temperature when I started and was nearly suffering from hypothermia by the time I withdrew between gusts of wind and driving rain.


In breve
Campionessa italiana ultraskymarathon 2014
Vincitrice del circuito "Skyrunning Italian series" 2015
Campionessa italiana Skyrunning (FISKY) 2016
Campionessa italiana Skymarathon (FISKY) 2016
Campionessa italiana IUTA "6 ore trail" 2016
Nel 2017 secondo posto a Zegama Aizkorri Marathon, terzo posto individuale al mondiale di Trail (Trail World Championship 2017 a Badia Prataglia) e primo posto individuale al Mondiale di corsa in montagna lunghe distanze (World Mountainrunning Championship 2017 a Premana).
Nel 2018 primo posto alla Transgrancanaria Marathon, al Pacific Trail in Colombia...

Dettaglio 2018
Ecomaratona Clivus - Montefortiana 1°
Transgrancanaria Marathon 1°
Soldamare Trail 1°
Pacifik Trail (Colombia) 1°
Traversata dei colli Euganei 1°
Venice night trail 1°
Padova Half Marathon 4°
Due Rocche Trail 21K 1°
Vesuvio Skymarathon 1°
Zegama Aizkorri Skymarathon 9°

Dettaglio 2017:
Ecomaratona Clivus - Montefortiana 1°
Tremendo Trail 1°
Beach Trail Positano 1°
Trail del Patriarca 1°
Traversata dei Colli Euganei 1°
Val Bregaglia Trail 1°
Trail delle Longane 1°
Zegama Aizkorri Skymarathon 2°
Trail World Championship (Badia Prataglia) 3°
Mozzafiato Skyrace 1°
Dolomites Skyrace 4°
World Mountain Running Championship long - Giir di Mont 1°
Sierre-Zinal 5°
Skyrace Dolomiti friulane 1°
Delicious Trail Dolomiti 1°
EuroMarathon 1°
CMP Trail 1°
Ibiza Trail Marathon 1°
K42 Salomon Villa La Angostura (ARGENTINA-Campeonato sudamericano Trail) 1°

Ecomaratona Clivus – Montefortiana 1°
Ronda Ghibellina 1°
SciaccheTrail 1°
Trail del Patriarca 1°
Trail dei Brac 1°
Due Rocche 21 km 1°
Trail Soave-Bolca (Ultra) 1°
Alpago Ecomarathon 1°
Carnia Skyrace 1°
Maratona del cielo 2°
Buff Epic trail 42K (Skyrunning World Champs) 9°
Mozzafiato Skyrace 2°
Sierre-Zinal 12°
Skyrace dolomiti friulane 2°
Delicious Trail 1°
Tartufo Trail 28K 1°
6 Ore Villa di Maser 1°
Trail del Gevero 1°