Simon Anthamatten

Were I to decide to exploit my image, market myself more, then I'd already manage to earn a living just from my expeditions, but this isn't what I want. I was born and still live in Zermatt and I see myself above all as a Mountain Guide. I have strong ties to this profession and I regularly work as a guide." This, in synthesis, is Simon Anthamatten.

Well, you can believe a guy like him, when he says, " Sponsors are fundamental, but it is also important to be able to maintain a certain independence. When you are on the wall you must take decisions, upon which your safety depends, you must be objective without putting up with pressure, for instance from the sponsors. In my case I have no problems in this sense, because I have an excellent relationship with my sponsors. I want to remain independent and that is the reason I became a mountain guide. When I feel like working I do it, when I feel like having a break I do it .... it is important for me."

Born in Zermatt in 1983, Simon Anthamatten has climbed the Eiger Northface several times, and has also established there (and on the Hörnligrat of Matterhorn) two team speed records. He is skiing instructor and alpine guide. Simon, modest, clear and direct, represents the new generation of mountaineers: fast, light, difficult. He is already considered as one of the world’s best all-rounders, both on the rock and on ice. In the winters 2007/2008 the young Swiss won the Ice Climbing World Cup Lead.

With Ueli Steck, in late fall 2007, Simon repeated several wild ice and mixed routes in Canada and in April 2008 they made the first ascent of the Tengkampoche-Nordwand in the Everest-Massif. Always with Steck, in May 2008, he attempted a new route on the Annapurna South Face but due to the bad conditions of the wall they had to renounce; just afterwards they set off to rescue another team in difficulty.

Recently Simon climbed the Khunyang Chhish (7400m) southwest face, one of the most outstanding achievements in high altitude in 2013.