Stefano Fantuz

“Those who ascend the highest, see the farthest. Those who see the farthest, dream the longest”. (Walter Bonatti)

I was born on 21 April 1986 in Meduna di Livenza, a small village of 3,000 people in the plains surrounding Treviso, where I live and work. I’m an energy consultant. Sport was always present in my family. Thanks to my father Nillo I fell in love with the mountains and both my mother Diana and my sister Marica have always been sports lovers. My fiancée is called Laura and I met her at Scarpa - she supports me in my crazy moments while racing and accompanies me to all the competitions.

After spending years skiing and roller skiing, I started running at 27 as a challenge. The asphalt was boring and I couldn’t train for more than one hour at a time. So, combining my passion for both mountains and running, I tried to run as far as possible. I run, first of all, for myself and against myself and it will continue to be an integral part of my life as long as this sport continues to give me a sense of freedom. I’m an athlete who comes from the plains so I prefer runnable trails with short ascents. My favourite distance run ranges from 40 to 60 kms, but I also love to challenge myself with longer distances.

I train everyday, fitting sport between my work and family commitments. I’m a lone runner and I prefer to train surrounded only by the sound of nature and my own footsteps. Being stubborn is one of my traits, allowing me to reach the goals I set myself. The most beautiful race was the 2017 Trail World Championship in Italy. A recent injury had kept me inactive for many months, but I managed to train in time for the qualifying races, was selected and arrived 16th.

The race in which I struggled the most was the 100 Miles Green Course of Istria 2018 where, after being in the lead for almost 50 km, I had to withdraw 12 km from the finish line as a result of painful cramps.