Stella Marchisio

When I climb I am so aware of what I am doing that the rest doesn’t matter at all...

I started with alpinism at the age of 5, when I used to go with my father in the Mountains and since then, I tried all disciplines related to climbing, and I really enjoyed bouldering, which I have been performing for 15 years.

Climbing has always been part of my life, it is not only a sport, a passion, but it is a lifestyle, I couldn’t live without it. 

It makes me feel good; I feel that my body and my mind are completely involved in the search of the perfect action, necessary to pass harder and more stimulating steps. 

Climbing is an amazing game because it gives you the chance to travel in the search of the most beautiful lines in the world, get in contact with the most particular rocks that you have ever imagined and share this charm with all those friends you wouldn’t have met otherwise. 

Life is all to play for; you never know what its next move is going to be so  you can only play the cards you are dealt.

When I climb, I am so aware of what I am doing that  the rest doesn’t’ matter at all.  What I am trying to do is to carve a niche for myself; even today with two twins and a shop (obviously a climbing shop).

  • Winner of the Coppa Italia 2002, 2005 (Bouldering)
  • Italian Champion 1995 (Speed), 1997 (Lead), 2007 (Bouldering)
  • Twice ranked 3° solo Coppa del Mondo 2003, 2004 (Bouldering)
  • Winner of numerous Italian Masters and different singles titles of Coppa Italia

I have visited many places in the world realising relevant grades. Boulder is the hardest realised: Muladhara and Il profeta, two 8a+ in Varazze (Italy), and also many  8a e 7c/+ around the world.

Conception 2
Conception 2