Mago Stix Boostic Booster S

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Small foot holds and Smearing

The Stix is designed for small footholds. The asymmetrical and downturned shape with a high-angled toe box gives supreme toe precision. The Stix is the perfect choice for climbers who love precision, but also the easy on and off that only slippers can provide.

  • Upper: Microfiber
  • Sole: XS GRIP2 3,5mm
  • Size: 34 - 45 (with ½ sizes)
  • Weight: 190g (½ pair size 40)

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Tomaia Stix


Multi-panel upper (5) for best custom moulding fit. Full microfiber upper with REB reinforced elastic closure, which gives a glove-like fit for the life of the shoe.

Intersuola Stix


Minimal Flexan 1.0mm insert with a floating big toe pad for ultimate sensitivity. Refined heel with a Flexan heel strip to maintain heel tension and shape.

Tensionamento Mago

Active randing

X-Tension active randing system keeps the shape of the shoe over its life. The power is focused on the big toe while still supporting the arch and forefoot.

Suola Stix


3.5mm 1/3 length XS Grip 2 sole.