Team Peggiori

Effort, partying and love.

Team Peggiori is an Alpine Running collective, a group of people who lead different lives and have various jobs, but who all share the same passion for sport, as well as food stalls and the ever-present beer. The team includes Luca Sovilla, Emilio Vellandi, Davide Pierantoni, Stefano Fantuz, Marco Dalle Molle, Luca “Calle” Calgaro, Denis Bogotto, Cristian Sommariva, Ivano Molin, Marco De Prà, Manuel De Zan, Marco Fornasiero, Chiara Pinarel and Alex De Villa.

Luca Sovilla: “I put my heart into it, before my legs and lungs.” I was born with a view of the mountains, listening to mountain stories. I tried to learn everything there was to know about mountains in all their diversity… respectfully, but also in an arrogant kind of way! 

Ivano Molin: “Live life fully and experience every moment intensely.” I’m captain of Team Peggiori and I’m lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world: the Dolomites. Living an active life in the open air was the only thing to do. From when I was a child I practiced cross-country skiing and mountain running and then moved on to ski mountaineering. A few years ago I discovered trail running. By taking part in races all over the world, this discipline gave me the opportunity to discover even more beautiful places - and thanks to Scarpa I travel and run using the best products that exist.

Emilio Vellandi: I run to discover my limits: so if you can’t run any faster, run as far as possible; this is my mantra, so finishing increasingly longer distance runs is my objective. I run (or rather, I walk for long stretches) along some of the most beautiful Trail tracks and each time it’s an adventure because of the places I have the privilege to visit, the friends I’m lucky enough to meet and the things I learn about myself in the process - because each time you go home from an ultra race you’re never the same person as when you left. It’s true that “no place is too far” as long as you are brave enough to go there!

Denis Bogotto: "Because bitume is boring". I love nature, the atmosphere of forests, the silence of mountains and the freedom I experience each time I make it to the top and pause to take in the horizon, forgetting how hard it was to get “there”. When I decide to reach that “final point”, I test myself. Races are never predictable and I always try to improve, overcoming my limits and, above all, enjoying myself because this is ultimately the reason I run. Once I reach the top, I admire the scenery and let myself be amazed by my surroundings, surprised by what the race has given me.

Marco De Prà: “I’m lazy with a desire for freedom". I rarely feel like running. It’s always a struggle and finding the guts to put on my shoes and top is the most difficult step of all. Despite this, I run. Running is a kind of freedom which materialises in the immediate present, a necessary rush that complements my life.

Manuel De Zan: “When I run, I don’t think. When I run, I leave everything behind me." I love air, water, rocks and making an effort. This effort and these elements provide me with the real adrenaline that makes me feel alive. When I run everything goes away and I shake things off me until I’m almost exhausted. Then I'm regenerated and ready for another race.

Marco Fornasiero: “On the mountains we feel the joy of life, the emotion of being good and the relief of forgetting our earthly worries: all this because we are closer to the sky”. This edited quote by Emilio Comici is the best introduction I can give. Since I was a child, I’ve had mountains before me, loving them and wanting to get closer to them in any way I can: from mountain bikes to skis, from climbing to running, and my latest challenge, the Ultratrail. In this way and with this spirit I continue getting closer to the mountains, for as long as my heart and head allow.

Chiara Pinarel: “I love “dancing” whatever the stage”.  When I was 4 I only wore ballet shoes and I continued to wear them for the following 18 years. At some point I decided to try my first running shoes and switch stages. I always like giving things a try - I set off and arrive, I make a lot of effort, I enjoy myself, I smile, I don’t achieve particularly significant results, but it’s full of emotions and, forgive the cliché, but that’s how I end up winning. Each run (I don’t like the word race), among the “giants” that don’t scare me, consist of kilometres of passion and I always feel I’m performing on different stages.

Alex De Villa: “I run 1 hour every day to make sure I enjoy a silent moment on my own, essential for my mental wellbeing.". I was a really good footballer but, maybe, living under the majestic Dolomites, I was destined for different things. This is how the desire to run over these mountains, near them and around them started and feel the mountains increasingly mine. So I try to run as fast as possible, as long as my body will let me.

Cristian Sommariva: “A runner must run with dreams in his heart, not money in his pocket!” (Emil Zatopek). I began running when I was 5 on an uphill time trial starting from Frassené Agordino to the refuge Scarpa-Gurekian. Maybe this was a sign that in future I would be running for Scarpa.

Stefano Fantuz: “Those who ascend the highest, see the farthest. Those who see the farthest, dream the longest” (Walter Bonatti). After spending years skiing and roller skiing, I started running at 27 as a challenge. The asphalt was boring and I couldn’t train for more than one hour at a time. So, combining my passion for mountains and running, I tried to run as far as possible. I run, first of all, for myself and against myself and it continues to be an integral part of my life as long as this sport continues to give me a sense of freedom.