Thomas Trettel

My name is Thomas Trettel. I was born in Cavalese on 24th December 1985. I live in Ziano di Fiemme (TN).

I work in a sawmill in Ziano since 2002. I like my work, even if I can train just on the evening and during the weekends. Sometimes I regret a little bit to haven’t push so hard in the past for join a military corps for have a security of a safe job and the possibility of training more, but at the end I think I do skimo for passion and not work, and perhaps is this that give me the motivation for training, also if is with a lamp and not on the sunlight!

I train almost every day according to my coach Giuseppe Chenetti, my training ground are mainly the slopes because I can train during the evening.
During the summer I like to switch activities like mountain biking and ski roll – I also join some competitions- for keep the shape for the winter.

During the last summer i placed third in the Italian Vertical Series, where the finals was placed in my Valley.  


-SELLARONDA  2005/2006

-SELLARONDA 2007, decimo posto

-SELLARONDA 2008, nono posto

-SELLARONDA 2010, terzo posto

-SELLARONDA 2011, sesto posto

-SELLARONDA 2014, quarto posto

-PROWINTER CUP 2014, primo posto


Ma anche nelle classiche sci alpinistiche:

-TROFEO MEZZALAMA 2005/2007/2009

-TROFEO MEZZALAMA 2011, quarto posto

-TROFEO MEZZALAMA 2013, nono posto


.PIERRA MENTA 2012, dodicesimo posto

.PIERRA MENTA 2013, quattordicesimo posto


.PIZOLADA DELLE DOLOMITI 2010, secondo posto

.PIZOLADA DELLE DOLOMITI 2012, terzo posto