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TX Pro wmn

TX Pro wmnTX Pro wmnTX Pro wmn

The TX PRO Wmn is a multi-purpose boot you can wear for different uses, from off-piste telemark to alpine touring. The last is specifically designed for women to ensure the most performance and comfort in off piste skiing.


  • range of motion forward lean last
  • Color: Emerald / Ice Blue
  • Shell/Cuff: Pebax®
  • Tongue: Pebax®
  • Buckles: 4 + “Active Power Strap”
  • Sole: Evo Scarpa®/Vibram®
  • Weight: 1585g (25)
  • Size: 22,5 - 27
  • Binding: NTN
  • Inner boot: Speed Pro G Wmn
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Q-link mindstrap
Q-Link mindstrap

Provides ultimate foot lock with an improved, thicker cable for maximum durability

Power block tour

A game-changer that sets the new standard for ski/walk mechanisms. In ski mode, it offers the best rigidity of a fixed-cuff boot, while allowing you to customize the angle of the front cuff without sacrificing downhill performance. In walk mode, give supreme comfort and mobility when touring.

Bi-injected shell

The BI-injection is a double injection of plastic material – with different density – in the same mould.


The so-called TRI-injection process, is a triple injection of plastic material – with different density – in the mould, during the shell production. The aim is to have different levels of elasticity and consistency in deifferent parts of the shell, based on the function they have to fulfil. The TRI-injection on the TX COMP involves the bellow, the torsion bar and the shell.

Torsion control
Torsion control

The original T-Race torsion bars have been redesigned into an "integrated torsion frame" that connects all the components of the shell through a BI-injected, dual density structure that extends from the boot toe to the top of the cuff.

Edge guard
Edge guard

Edge guard takes all the direct abuse from your ski edges. Keeps your boots and bellows safe. Disperses forefoot buckle pressure, too.

Active power strap
Active Power Strap

Ensures a perfect and precise closure, allowing the tibia to have a good feeling with the cuff and making the bend nice and gradual. Height 45mm.

Scarpa Finger Strap
Scarpa® Finger Strap

Is made of PU stitched at the end of the power strap. Its design allows for easy opening and closing of the power strap even when wearing gloves.


SCARPA<sup><small>®</small></sup>  EVO SOLE

Speed Pro G Wmn

Speed Pro G Wmn