Valdo Chilese

The discovery of rock climbing was fundamental in my life...

The discovery of rock climbing was fundamental in my life, a new dimension to be explored, experienced and never to be left.

Until then I climbed trees, but something was missing. Then I started on the mountain and I fell in love… I felt at ease on the rock wall and the great emptiness below my feet made me feel so alive! When I was 15-16 I started to attend the cliffs at home; I liked climbing at the limit, with no worries about security, so in a few years I reached great results, 8b+ second-go and 8c in 3-4 attempts. The equipment was expensive and my budget as a student pushed me to look for a sponsorship in order to save money; I started to take part into some competitions and I entered the National Team. My dream fell into pieces, when I seriously injured my shoulder while climbing, right at the beginning of the Youth World Champion. It was difficult for me accepting this situation, climbing was like walking for me,  what should I have done?? A two-year stop, in the meantime I got a Physics degree, dozens of specialists, physiotherapists, surgeons orthopaedists, three titanium screws, “you will never climb again” they said, a lot of suffering, but at the end if I’m here writing right now is because I started climbing again, and better than before. My interest is in the clearness of the movement, the respect for  rock and the feeling with the environment, therefore I practice bouldering very often.